Lights On Mental Health

Establishing a digital presence with the newly created business, Lights On Mental Health, to showcase their talks and workshops.

A great friend and truly inspiration person, Oly, reached out for support with the digital side of his new business – Lights On Mental Health.

Oly had been growing his business alongside other ventures, delivering motivational talks on mental health and sharing his journey. At the time of taking his business to the next level, working with a team to not only deliver talks, but mental health first aid courses, we stepped up to give our support and build the website.

The focus was on utilising the great photography from their talks and to shine a spotlight on the lived experience of the Lights On Mental Health team, which sets them apart from others in the industry.

Tom was an absolute pleasure to work with! He displayed exceptional patience, offered valuable assistance, and provided unwavering support throughout the entire process of creating our new website.

His professionalism and remarkable talent were evident in every aspect of his work. He took our vision and skilfully brought it to life, far exceeding our expectations. We couldn't be happier with the outcome!
Oly Newton from Lights On Mental Health in a black t-shirt and black cap
Oly Newton
Founder, Lights On Mental Health
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